Top Ten Characters Everyone Loves, But I just Don’t Get


Hello, and welcome to Top Ten Tuesday. This is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people over at The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks theme is Top Ten Characters Everyone Loves, But I Just Don’t Get.


  1. Helene from An Ember In the Ashes

It seemed to me that everybody loved Helene but I didn’t really like her that much? She just wasn’t amazing to me, I had no interest in her.

2. Carswell Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles

Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed Thorne as a character, but I did not think he was the funniest and best character out there. He was a nice addition, but I think I have just seen his type of character so much that it doesn’t really affect me.

3. Prince Cal from Red Queen

You can all hate me for it, but I never liked him. I really never wanted him and Mare to be together, and I am still rooting for Maven as endgame. I do not care if he is evil, I love him and have always disliked Cal.

4. Prince Theron from Snow Like Ashes

While everybody was falling in love with Theron in Snow Like Ashes, I was adoring Mather. I never liked Theron that much, I prefer Mather.

5. Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instuments

I think this has to do with the same thing as Thorne, but Jace is more sarcastic than he is sassy. I just didn’t really think he was that wonderful, I actually strongly disliked him. He seemed a bit unnecessarily rude to me.

6. Enzo from The Young Elites

I know a lot of people really liked Enzo and was rooting for him to be with Adelina but I never really liked him. He seemed to forward to me. I never enjoyed his character.

7. Lysandra from Falling Kingdoms

A lot of people apparently thought that she was super bad ass and I’m like what??? I did not like her at all, I thought she was stubborn and bullheaded. She annoyed me to no end.

8. Jesper from Six of Crows

Don’t get me wrong, Jesper was a great character and added some much needed comic relief at certain parts, but he wasn’t amazing.

9. Evan Walker from The 5th Wave

This is a commonly debated character, and I am not on any side. I just found Evan to be a bit….creepy. Some parts of the book I thought he was sweet and kind and other parts I thought he was a bit odd and creepy.

10. Tris Prior from Divergent

Tris was an interesting character and made a nice protagonist but by the middle of the first book, I strongly disliked her and it only got worse from there.


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