25 Days of Blogging #6

untitledI have never been asked this question before. I don’t really know, I’ve never thought about this.

I guess my favorite tree ornament would have to be this one my mother got whenever I had my first Christmas. I was 6 months old and she got this very thin, gold angel with my name carved into it. It is absolutely beautiful, one of the prettiest tree ornaments I have ever seen, and it has my name on it. I’ve just always loved it.

What is your favorite tree ornament?


One thought on “25 Days of Blogging #6

  1. LorevaRaven says:

    My favorite ornaments are those small little gifts which are actually small cubes of thermocol wrapped with wrapping paper with a small little ribbon on top! It is so darn cute and I put like 20 of those on the Christmas tree every year! I really like the sound of that gold angel… It must be so special!

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