Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Synopsis: The world is divided by blood- red or silver. The Reds are lowly commoners, little more than peasants, and the Silvers are the elites, they possess god-like abilities. Mare Barrow is a 17 year old Red, who finds herself working in the Silver Palace, among the people she despises. Mare discovers while working there that she too, despite being a Red, has a deadly ability of her own, which threatens to destroy the balance of Silver and Red. The Silvers declare her a long-lost Silver princess and engage her to a Silver prince, to hide her true identity. But Mare hates the Silvers, so despite living with the Silvers, she works with the Red Guard, a militant resistance group, to bring down the Silver regime. Mare is playing a dangerous game, where she pits everyone against each other, and discovers none of them are who they seem.

Review: This book was pretty good. It was interesting, although it took me a while to get into it. But it seemed too generic, it felt as if I had read it before because of all the familiar elements I have read in other books. It was enjoyable, but I found myself unsatisfied with it. It did not meet my expectations at all, and I really disliked the ending. There was also so little action in the first 65% of the book, which made it go terribly slow at first. I was a bit underwhelmed with it, but it was interesting.

I give it 3/5 stars and would recommend it to fans of fantasy novels.

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